Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hatin on Datin

First off, let me just tell ya'll that I hate datin. It's to much damn work that is for realz. That being the reason I signed up for this lil site you may have heard of called (should've been titled This site costs an arm, a leg, and a butt cheek. I just can't handle using my whole Mickey D's pay check on a bunch of nasties. I know I am a whole lotta woman for a lil man, but how come only the nasties feel they can take me on? I be gettin messages from ex-cons missin teeth, chubby wubbys addicted to fluffy whip, and old men who live in nudist colonies. Call me picky, but I like my men boney. If you're short, look anorexic and eat one meal a day, then hit me up cause I got enough cushion for both of our pushin!

Another thing I am hatin on bout datin come when I hit a brother up he never gets back to me? Grow some berries man and diss me before you run away. I ain't scared; I reject a fool before I turn this fine slab of arse around and walk away.

Lesson of the day: Go pick up the man rummagin in the dumpster before you ever waste your bills on a site. You could always hit up craigslist for free!

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  1. H.H.-

    I couldnt agree with you more. Dating sucks! I wish I could walk into a relationship and start on the sixth date. The first six dates are awkward, getting to know you bullshit, that is better left to a bunch of highschoolers that need to grab a bite to eat with their girl or guy to put some time in to "knock boots" and get home before their parent's imposed curfew.

    I need to find a girl that I know and can avoid the "awkward" getting to know you phrase. If you know any single girls that work with you at mc donalds let me know. I am not too picky. I'll pretty much date anybody. I prefer single mothers because they usually come with no strings attached. That way we can get all the fun out of the way and start being serious around the sixth to seventh date. Just your site!