Monday, September 28, 2009

Hatin on Fame

I am a huge hater of the new movie Fame (should've been titled Lame). I have lost 1 hour and 47 minutes of my life that I cannot get well as $5.50 of my hard earned moolah. For those of you who love movies like Step Up, Center Stage, Flash Dance, etc. do not waste your time. Below are the reasons why you should not see this movie.

1. The Songs that are sung for a majority of the movie are not catchy. You will not find yourself dancing in your seat.

2. The dancing for the most part is good due to Kherington Payne (from So You Think You Can Dance), but the dancing sequences are short and aren't choreographed to good music. Plus, as much as I love my home girl KP, she cannot act.

3. The acting sucks the big one! I am talking painful!

4. Your ears will bleed when Kay Panabaker sings. She is horrible! She was like nails on a chalkboard, like Kristen Stewart in Twilight (or every movie she's ever been in...boring), like Megan Fox in an interview (retarded).

5. The "finale" dance/singing number was horrible. This is the scene that in most dance movies makes you move and groove and leave the theatre singing off key! Not in this movie. The song once again was forgettable, the dance sequence was horrible and did not even include the main dancer Kherington.

6. The infamous "Fame" song was used in the end credit roll....WTF? Wouldn't you expect this to be the finale number song? They gave it the end credit sequence?

Today's Obvious Lesson: DO NOT SEE FAME!


  1. actually PAID to see that? Mistake #1.

    I'm waiting for on demand.

  2. The original Fame was a classic and there was no way that in today's PC society that they could have made anything close to the original. Why do they bother remaking the classics? Everyone should do themselves a favor and rent the original, well worth the $3 to see a wonderful movie.

  3. So sorry to hear the movie is bad. I was sort of hoping for a great updated version. But I guess nothing can really recapture the magic of the original.