Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hatin on the Spoon-fed Adults

First of all bitches, let me just tell you how much I hate the blog colors. A hater like me don't want no pink, white is boring, no one likes sandy shore or whatever the hell it's called, and black is for boys. So that leaves lime green, can someone pass me some damn shades cause this shiz is bright!

Today I am majorly hatin on the Spoon-fed adults, which technically they could still be considered children. These are the individuals that can't figure anything out on their own so someone like myself constantly has to "spoon feed" them information. You will notice many of these people have gotten through life riding on the coattails of usually a successful parent.

At work they ask you the same question 5 times a day, even though you've already told them the answer which they already knew from a previous conversation a month ago. Wake up and smell the damn coffee people, do some research before you bother me with an ignorant question. The world is not blind...the only reason you act stupid is because you know I will do your work for you because dealing with your moronic ways gives me a migraine. When I first started in the workforce at McDonalds I had a really tough drive-thru customer at my window. I asked the manager for some help and what did he scream to me...."Figure it out on your own Imbecile!" That's all someone needs to yell at these people, and I guarantee they will learn their lesson.

This doesn't only happen with co-workers, but significant others. I had a boyfriend one time ask me if something was wrong. Are you stupid???? You must be! I am sitting here and you should be dead because my look could kill. Then he proceeded to ask me what he did and how he could fix it. What do you mean what did you do???? Do I have to spoon-feed you the information, because I swear I just caught you in Tameka's bed naked! How do you fix it??? Figure it out on your own moron, but I swear if you come near me I will throw this vase at you.

Be aware of the following Spoon-fed people: Co-workers, Significant others, Grocery store baggers, and people without brains.

The lesson for today: when dealing with people who insist on being spoon-fed information reply to them with, "I will not wipe your arse while you sit on the pot."

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