Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hatin on Stank Tattoos

I have no problem with tats, but what is up with all these stank tattoos peeps are gettin these days. Whoever came up with these ideas needs some serious counseling, for realz. (See picture examples).

Excuse me....sir with the prostitute legs on your side, you clearly aren't gettin any lovin from a lady friend if you have to have this realistic image on your pit. Not to mention, whatever lady willin to get with you after seein that needs to be locked up in the looney bin right next to your dumb ass (said using the voice of Red Forman in That 70's Show). You know what that is gonna look like in 20 years??? It's gonna look like the old wrinkly naked lady on the street corner. Enjoy your permanent, realistic image of a woman's cootie aging.

Next, beyotch with the bacon??? I think that is bacon.....Are you hungry??? I can't understand why anyone would want a slab of pig on their side...now maybe if it was a Big Mac I would understand. Maybe that is supposed to look like someone took a damn slice outta your side like in Silence of the damn Lambs. You sewin a skin suit at home? If I am completely wrong about both ideas of what the hell that is on your side, then you should've gotten a better artist cause nobody can tell what the hell is goin down with that thing.

Today's Lesson: Never put somethin permanent on your body that shows peeps how ignorant and crazy you really are. And please, go get some help immediately.

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