Monday, October 26, 2009

Hatin on Baby Mills

Have ya'll ever heard of that damn show 19 Kids and Counting? It's about the Duggar family who has 18 kids and 1 on the way due in March 2010. In case you can't add...that makes for a whoppin 19 kids! That sounds like a damn baby mill to me. If you can't breed that many damn puppies, then how is it ok to have that many children? Everyone disses on the Octomom because she is single and has 14 kids through In Vitro, I don't see a difference. Yea big whoop that the Duggar family has a mother and father that produced the babies on their own, it's still 19 kids! The only reason they can even afford them is because of their television show which is using their kids for promotional purposes. I don't get what the fascination is with collecting children, other then to have them do your house chores...if that's the case, then I will borrow some from your litter to do the vacuuming. It started with John and Kate Plus Eight, then 18 (now 19) kids and counting, and around the same time the Octomom hit big. What's next, we're going to start seeing kids for sale in the classifieds under "pets"? Even Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are starting their own herd. What are The Duggars, John and Kate, and Octomom going to do once their 15 minutes of fame runs out? They are going to be using our tax money to support their gang of misfits. No wonder there are so many bratty children in the world...who has time for them when you have 18 other little ruggies (a.k.a rugrats) runnin around. I'd want attention to if I were them, it's not their fault.

I see children come into Mc D's all the time laying on the dirty ass floor kickin and screamin because they didn't get the damn toy they wanted in their damn happy meal. So instead of picking them up and disciplining the kid right then and there, the parents ignore them and let other hungry customers step over them. Then, when someone trips and falls over your little monster, you proceed to yell at that innocent bystander. What ever happened to a good old fashioned arse whoopin? Didn't hurt me or my brosky, only happened twice and we learned.

I was at CVS the other day and 5 children were playin tag in the damn store! WTF?!?!?! I swear if you run into your girl Harlem I will yell at you, and that's exactly what happened. The mom and dad were standing right next to me in the makeup aisle when the little monkeys came by and ran straight into me. I looked at them and firmly said, "This is a public place, not a damn playground. You need to learn some manners before you run into someone else." The parents FINALLY grabbed them and made them stand by their was that so hard?!?!?

I know some of you defensive parents are goin to get your panties in a bunch about this. I know children have bad days where they scream and cry, but when you are in public just try to keep them in control. You wouldn't let your dog go ape shit on some innocent bystander, so don't let your kids.

Lesson of The Day: It's Called BIRTH CONTROL people!


  1. Science experiments for them all!

  2. MY thoughts exactly.I work in retail and see it every f#$king day. Yes I do get really tired of it, but hey,what are you going to do.Now as for the Jon & Kate,octomom,and the Duggar family.I just can't believe these people are having these kids and wanting to get paid for having kids. I mean think about it!.I don't watch the show because I think it is really sick for someone to use their kids to get paid.All I know is how I feel about.Someone else may think of something totally different.

  3. There is no better form of birth control then five crazy children running in a retail store and bumping into you! However, Harlem, when you have your own child...a "harllit" if you will...I'm sure you will have a change of heart.

    Great blog "girltoy" and I love it; we read it all the time. Keep up the good work!

  4. I know, who was she to think that she could get all of the cute Beatle's money? Oh. Wait a minute. You said baby mills, not Heather Mills. Yeah, sew that thing shut already.

  5. i totally hear ya, i have a bad kid (whom i discipline, even in stores), and parents these days be lettin their nasty kids just do whatever the hell they please. disgusting.
    john&kate were only tryin for 1 more though, so i give them lenience. the duggars... they're just WEIRD. their own friggin cult, yeah? and the jolie-pitt's... once again... weird... At least they're BUYING orphans and not popping out ALL their own, plus they have their own money to buy bodyguards and nannies. Lesson: Make lots of money if you're going to start your own tribe. Then you can shut down the stores while you shop and not disturb other shoppers!

  6. I'll openly admit, my kid's a monster. But he's three. And when he's acting especially monster-like (which is about 75% of the time), guess what? He's doesn't come out in public with me. Because it's bad enough I have to deal with him (and I do love him), but I don't need the general public to hear his tantrums.

    (Also, the Duggars were fairly wealthy before their Discovery show. Now they're just fucking rich).

  7. It didn't hurt my kids either and it only took a few times for them to learn too! I agree with every single word you wrote right down to being pissed that sooner or later when the fame dies and the residuals stop coming in tax payers will be supporting those kids because some people still think the village should support everyone including the "idiot".
    Great post, glad I stopped by again!

  8. I got a saying: Slap the parents and the kids will straighten right up.

  9. No hatin' here. I'm the mom of just one kid and if she ever acted up like that, it's an ass whoopin'.

    Good thing she's beyond the age where I don't have to actually test out my words.