Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hatin on Emergen-C

Everyone at work is sick, What The Fig Newton!?! Your girl Harlem has a very excitin weekend ahead and cannot afford to catch the creep-n-crud. I figure antibacterial hand sanitizer is not enough to fight off the germs, especially when I woke up on Monday with a tightness in my throat. All day at work I was freakin out and one of my home girls, Stefania, suggested a Cold-Eez drop...UMMMMM hell to the no. I will never eat one of those devil drops again! It's poison, I swear! That thing tasted like a watered down cough drop and then as an added bonus it left this film in my mouth like I had just smoked a whole pack of cigs. Not to mention my chick nugs and coke tasted stank after!

That being said my home girl then offered up some Emergen-C on Tuesday. I took one pack in the mornin and one at night. That shiz isn't much better. It tastes like watered down kool-aid that someone put a pack of salt in, mixed with some Alka Seltzer. Plus, it has 25 calories...I'd rather waste those on a damn Jolly Rancher. Since this little minx can't afford to get sick, I have decided to continue the Emergen-C regimen today, but you can bet your cute arse that I will be bitchin about it the whole day. This better work or I will be sendin someone to hell and they won't be roastin weenies.

Lesson Of The Day: If you're sick, DO NOT come infect me at work.


  1. Getting a cold effing sucks. About the only thing I find that works at preventing the onset of a cold once you feel it coming on, is Zicam. Tastes like shit, but it works.

  2. I hate all the bosses who make you go to work even when you're sick! We should all just stay home for a week every time somebody gets sick. I think it's a great health plan!

  3. You blasphemed Pooh~! Those things all taste so nasty I figure they kill a cold with how foul they are. I do like Airborne though. Shoot, now my throat hurts.