Friday, October 2, 2009

Hatin on LC

I am totes rippin on Lauren Conrad (or LC as she likes to be called). This beyotch became famous when she was on that little show called Laguna Beach. Since day one she has been a whiney, conceited slut. Always complaining about Kristin Cavallari being mean to her, but honestly the bitch deserved it. She walks around like she has a stick up her arse. She went on to a show called The Hills. Here she met her bff Heidi Montag. Now don't get me wrong, I totally hate on Heidi and her annoying ways, but I can't believe the viewers took Lauren's side when they had that big fight over Spencer. Lame C. didn't like Spencer and gave Heidi the ultimatum to choose between their friendship and her boyfriend! Bitch please...who do you think you are....Jesus? You can't make decisions like that! So, Heidi chose Spencer. You go girl! A good friend would've said, "I don't like your boyfriend for reasons A, B, and C. I will still support you, but I wouldn't have been a good friend without telling you my concerns."

So now everyone is hatin on Heidi for choosing her jerk boyfriend over Lauren. Wake up!!! LC is NOT a good friend; Heidi shouldn't have had to choose in the first place. Then in another season of the hills, that spoiled brat makes Audrina (her new bff) choose between their friendship and her boyfriend Justin Bobby. Yea, the guy is a loser, but let Ho-drina figure it out on her own, don't make her choose. WTF?!?!?!? Lame C. must think she is President cause she is tryin to run everyone's life. Could someone remind me why this chick is famous? She started on a reality show that has been busted for being scripted!

Lauren has also tried twice to create a clothing line. The first time failing miserably by pricing ugly cotton dresses for hundreds of dollars. You can go to Forever 21/Charolette Russe and get the same dress for 15.99. Her second line of clothing is featured at Kohls. This consists of ugly material and styles for 20.00. Yes, the price in an improvement, but I do not agree with spending 20.00 on a blue, spaghetti strap tank top. Ugly and outrageous!

I think humans have lost their damn minds! Somehow Lame C's book L.A. Candy has made its way to the New York Times Best Sellers list. WTF??? Could someone pinch me because I feel like I am in a nightmare and I cannot wake up! L.A. Candy is a fictional novel about a girl that comes to LA for an internship and is approached to be on a reality show. Hmmmm sound familiar??? It's about Lauren's life, which mostly we have already seen on TV! For those of you haters out there that will say, "If you don't like her then don't watch the show, buy the clothes, or read the book." Trust me....I haven't and won't! Could society please phase this spoiled heffer out, cause I’m sick of seein her haunt my dreams??? Check out, cause Lame C's picture is on the front page!

Lesson of the day: Stop making pointless people society's idols.


  1. I agree with you.

    That show is so ridiculous. It's obviously scripted.

  2. haha you're so funny.
    im always called a hater so i guess this blog is perfect for me!