Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hatin on More To Love

Did anyone besides your girl Harlem watch More To Love? I am totes hatin on that show. Yes, I did watch the whole season to give some support for my big boned sistas, but was unhappy with a few aspects.

1. As great as it is to have a "Bachelor" type show for normal people, I don't like the way they jumped to extremes. They went from super hot, in shape, model-esque people to extremely overweight people. What happened to everyone in between? There are some of us out there that aren't 100lbs or 275+lbs. Is there any reality show out there about average people? We want love, or at least a good roll in the hay.

2. This show was definitely set up, because as Luke always seemed into Malissa...where did Tali come from? That chick was nowhere in site. As she was always completely dopey for him, he didn't catch the Tali fever until the last 3 or so episodes. What happened with Heather? She was the front runner, and then he completely voted her out all of a sudden. I cannot believe he chose Tali!!! He must be hoping for a season 2 where he can start over just like those wack jobs on the MTV shows (i.e. I Love New York, Flava Flav, Real Chance, etc.).

3. This should've been a show empowering heavy people to accept who they are. Instead it just made us feel worse about ourselves. It continuously showed these beauties crying about how they've been mistreated because of their weight. In one sentence they would claim how happy they were with themselves and then start crying about how they couldn't get a man. This was completely heartbreaking and in a way gave society more reasons to make fun of them.

Lesson Of The Day: Average women need some air time...Lets cast a show for 140-170lb. beauties. Please, no more shows about models, rich snots, or our favorite felines...the cougar!

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