Monday, October 5, 2009

Hatin on Webs

Yo gangstas! Your girl Harlem had a lil surprise waitin for her this mornin. I was on my way to my damn car while searchin through my damn Mary Poppins Purse (uber deep and jam packed with fun).....that's when it happened....the surprise. I felt this huge sticky mess all up on me....NOOOO, it's not what you are thinkin! I couldn't get it off, I was pullin, screamin, and scratchin the hell outta my damn skin. You guessed it...I walked right into a HUGE, GRANDE for my espanol folk, spider web. Now the only problem I have is tryin to find that damn spider that you know is all up in my grill. Good thing no one was around, cause I looked like I was goin through a damn exorcism. Dudes and dudettes…I totally be hatin on spiders/webs big time ya’ll!

Lesson For The Day: When traveling through a spider web, make a note of the spiders’ location.

1 comment:

  1. Don't you just hate that!!!

    I remember when I was little, one of our local carnivals came to town and it had a Ghost House. I've been put off them for life because they strung up pieces of cotton that you had to walk through in the dark and it felt just like walking into cobwebs. It was so real, horrid and so creepy. I will not set foot in a Ghost Houses again!!!

    To me, thats just NOT fun.