Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hatin on Birds

I am totally hatin on Thanksgivin. First of all, who really likes turkey that much???? Definitely not your girl Harl. I still have it for the "tradition" aspect of Thanksgiving, but it's a pain in the arse. You spend days/hours thawin the damn thing just so it can get its raw juice all over the damn kitchen. This alone sucks for an OCD cleaner like myself. I made sure not to get the turkey that you had to gut or deal with bones, because that would make me lose my damn appetite. So I have this little breast which still takes over an hour to cook and you still have leftovers for days. Just what I need, leftovers of something I eat on sandwiches year round.

The only good thing about this holiday is it reminds me to eat Stove Top Stuffin which I loooooove. Just give me a bowl of that and I'm happy!

Lesson Of The Day: Go out to eat, cookin sucks!


  1. Sorry Thanksgiving is not a joy for you.

    At least it is over for another year:)

  2. Stove top stuffing... MMMMMM! Makes life worth living.