Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hatin on Coffee

In the morning my mind is completely clouded and occupied with thoughts of coffee. I swear it has crack in it, because I would sell my body for some mocha goodness. I am all good on the weekends because I don't like Starbucks and that is the only shop near my house. On Monday through Friday is when the beast in me comes out. It's called Tully's, or as I like to call it....heaven! This is the hidden gem that consumes my thoughts and fantasies.

The reason I am hatin on my slice of heaven is because I am tryin to be healthy ya'll. I am sooo good, except for that damn Mocha and Whip Cream that lays on a bed of ice. WTF?!?!? I decided your girl Harlem cannot quit cold turkey. Since there are no iced mocha patches and the doctors refuse to put me in a coma, I have decided to slowly wean myself off of this drug. I used to get a grande, then veinte, and today was my first day getting a tall...which is a small! I got non fat milk so that I could try and counteract some of the calories from the whip cream. Needless to say, your girl will be spending her night ridin the enemy....the treadmill.

Lesson of the Day: Start smokin, at least they provide nicotene patches/gum to quit that habit.


  1. You make me glad I drink my java black~! I am never disappointed by no cream and no sugar...although that means the coffee better be decent.

  2. Even with a non-fat mocha, I HAVE to have the whipped cream on top. Which is why I don't let myself go out for coffee too often.

  3. If it's the only thing you have that's bad for ya, don't worry about it too much. We all need something to look forward to.