Monday, November 16, 2009

Hatin On Honkin

Ya'll I hate Honkers. These are the people that find it necessary to honk at someone the very millisecond the light turns green. I saw someone today make a left turn in front of another car, the other car was far away and that Mo Fo still honked when he got near the intersection. WTF DB, the guy turned when you were 1,000 feet away. It's like those people who talk just to hear their own voice....they honk just to be heard. Just a warning, if you honk at your girl Harlem, don't be surprised when I get out my damn car and beat yours with a baseball bat.

Serious story here....One time, my dad and his friend where driving and his friend honked at a car in front of them. When they pulled up to a stop light the guy reached under his seat, pulled out a gun, and pointed it directly at my dad and his friend....they sped off, probably through the red light.

Lesson of the Day: Be careful when honking at others, you never know how severe their road rage is!


  1. Sigh. I have been known to honk at some fool sitting in the left turn lane waiting for the green arrow, which takes forever in my fair city, and when it turns green, they are so busy talking on the phone or eating or picking their nose, they sit there. I HAVE to honk so as to prevent a heart attack or brain aneurysm...on my part. But I hear you, the honkers who honk because they feel entitled deserve some kind of retribution. I wish I had an Inspector Gadget car that could inflict some mayhem.

    I would have crapped my pants if someone pointed a gun at me...or tried to run them off the road. I guess it would depend on how road ragey I was feeling~!

  2. love the blog. and i may want to start a new blog, one that is anonymous, just so i can hate on things in my life too. p.s. i've nominated you for a bloggy award! see it here:

  3. Good advice on the road rage. My husband is always telling me to put my middle finger away because of just that type of thing.

  4. lots of choice four letter words escape my lipes when driving.

  5. I usually give the driver ahead of me about ten seconds or so to wake up, then I honk the horn at them.