Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hatin on Tunes

Holla to all my loyal subjects....I am hatin on iTunes today....majorly! Christmas time last year, or for those of you who believe "Christ" should be taken out of Christmas...then I will refer to it as....Mas?!?!? hahah kidding, your girl Harl changes for nobody! Anyways, last December I was lucky enough to receive a purp ipod nano. The deal was it came with a speaker dock and $15 gift card to itunes. So what'd your girl do...that's right bitches, I bought some tunes. I transferred them onto my pod and was all good to go, but since I was usin my mama's laptop I decided to burn them to a CD so I would have a physical copy. That alone is what also makes itunes suck because you never have a physical item so you still have to back up to CD...LAME! For some reason her laptop wouldn't burn them to CD through Ltunes (lame tunes), so needless to say the only copy I have is on my poddy.

Upon arriving home from Xmas vacay I tried to transfer them from my purple vixen to my computer Freddy (who as some would say is old and lacking, but just because he's old doesn't mean we should lay him to rest). Of course I am smarter then itunes because that idea was brilliant, but wouldn't work because they weren't the "original" items. Now I only have them on the pod and cannot even convert them for my Sansa Clip to take to the park. You see peeps I am very particular about electronics. I would never want anything to happen to my sacred pod, so I bought a $30 Sansa Clip a while ago to take to the park, but it only supports mp3's.

This is where your girl becomes lame herself....I spent more money on itunes songs because I only wanted a song here and a song there, not full CDs. You would've thought I had learned my lesson the first time around. Needless to say I am having the same problem where I obviously can't get them on my magenta pink, awesome, sansa clip or burn them to CD. WTF itunes!!! If I would've just bought all of these in CD format first I would've been able to get them on any music player I wanted. Listen iTunes...F bootleggin to other gangsters because CDs you can burn for anyone you want. Someone please kick your girl Harl in the arse next time she goes on a shopping spree on Lame-Tunes.

Lesson Of The Day: Buy the book iTunes for Dummies, because clearly I have no knowledge in this type of program!

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