Friday, December 18, 2009

Hatin on Cats That Copy

Hey ya'll, it's your girl Harlem back in action....woo boy am I sweaten to those damn oldies! Let me just tell ya'll how much I hate cats that copy. I know your girl is brilliant, unique, and totes hilar...but do you seriously gotta copy my shiz? If I had all my damn sayins copyrighted I would make a milly and a half. I would be able to peace out of Mc D's sooo fast I'd get a damn speedin ticket.

I should start makin Harlem t-shirts with my sayins, twits, and blogs so peeps can't take my damn material! Even Paris Hilton stole my shiz...who do you think started the phrase "loves it"....ME...HARLEM! Any ideas on how I can market this big, beautiful woman? I have to up my visitors as well!
Lesson Of The Day: Keep your trap door shut before some unoriginal Lamester banks off your idea!


  1. Someone is ripping you off? Who stole your stuff?

  2. Keep your trap door shut until you patent the fucker!