Monday, December 21, 2009

Hatin on Drinkin

UGHHHH....what a weekend ya'll. Your girl Harlem was jammed packed with a To-Do-List that was a mile long....unfortunately my non boy toy, boy toy was not on that list :( Anywhoozle, I got completely blitztastic on Saturday night. This reminded me why I hate drinkin. Every time I think it's a brilliant idea. I have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 100 margaritas and then I wake up suicidal the next morning.

Saturday night the Christmas Partay was brilliant. It was Mexican themed and catered. The food was To Die For. There were mini empanadas, quesadillas, tacos, of all....Margarita machines. Since they were personal machines they were loaded with tequila and a splash of sweetness. Your girl was floatin like a damn Goodwill blimp. I feel no hate what so ever, I clearly am not responsible for my actions. When I am sauced I love everyone. I don't remember anyone's names, but I go up to them and confess my love. Not to mention I ALWAYS bust arse. I am standin completely still in my mini dress and 4 inch heels, and then BAM, your girl falls to the floor laughing...scraped my damn knees and all. I feel no pain, have no energy to fight with anyone, life is good. I wish I could always be nonchalant like that, no worries, it's an amazing feeling.

Fast Forward to the next mornin....Sunday, or Hell Day as I call it. I woke up with a headache, stomachache, and eyes a burnin. I stayed in bed off and on for hours before I rolled out from under the covers like a beached whale. The only thing I felt like doin was gettin a coffee and takin a brisk walk because it was freezing outside. So all of this doesn't sound to incredibly bad, except for the fact I completely lost track of time. It took me so long to get up and actually get movin that I still had all these errands to run and only a few hours to do them. Not to mention, since I was so lost on time I forgot to contact my brosky and boy toy. I kept sayin to myself...."girl you just gotta finish this and then call them..." Yea it didn't work out that way, the next thing I knew it was 5 hours later and I still hadn't called! Did I mention I was runnin around town with swollen eye balls and greasy bed head? I swear someone stopped me and offered me money cause they thought I was homeless!

Then to calm down from a hectic day I went walkin at the park again at night time. I was just finishin up when it turned dark. This dude is slowly followin me on this lil midgie bike. I turned around and he rides right up next to your girl and peddles while staring. He's lucky I didn't have my damn nine, cause I was bout to bust a cap in his ass. So then since I am a lot of talk and no action I started runnin. The Mo Fo started peddlin faster. I know I am drop dead gorgi, but are you F-ing kidding me???? Umm, do I look like a damn marathon runner? He finally stopped and just started laughing. I swear to god I should've pummeled that Douche. I guess to look on the bright side (which I rarely do) he gave me a good work out, but not in a good way ;0)

Lesson Of The Day: Do not drink the night before a day of's worst punishment then being grounded!

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