Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hatin on Facebook

UGH ya'll, I am totes hatin on Facebook today. This damn interweb site causes so much trouble it gives me a damn headache. When it comes to relationships, I truly think Facebook can break a couple up. I have first hand experience with the troubles it caused between my previous 2 EX's.

First of all, can you please chill out with the status updates. Does anyone really need to know that your child bites hard when you're breast feeding? It's just as bad as the women that whip their damn teet out in the middle of Denny's! And what is up with people who have their EX's pictures plastered all over facebook when they are with a new person??? Facebook ain't no damn photo album for your life, take that shit down and show some damn respect for your new Hoe. The only reason to even keep your ex on Facebook is to A. either make them jealous, or B. you actually still have some sort of feelins there...but if you ask me A and B go hand in hand…regardless, it’s unnecessary and only causes drama.

One of my ex's, we'll call him DB #1, knew I had Facebook/MySpace. That Mo Fo was on those damn sites for 6 months before I found out and he STILL didn't add me as a friend. WTF arse, you probably have "single" as your relationship status. That's a clear red flag that he was hidin shiz. Another ex, we'll call him Psycho #1, was pushin me to change my damn relationship status from single to taken. Of course I never did...why??? Because I was a shady Mo Fo that didn't want other guys to know I was taken! If you’re with someone, you should want people to see you are taken, and you should want pictures and sweet messages up...if that changes, there is a problem. This same Psycho went to this party and told me no girls were aloud and that's why I wasn't invited. A week later I saw a picture of his dirty ass gettin a lap dance from this skank at some bar. The picture was posted on his friends Facebook page. Believe it or not, your girl Harlem did not freak out. I simply showed him the pict and said, "what's up with this". First mistake, he lied and said it wasn't him. Hmmmm, I may work at Mc D's, but I am no fool. So when he finally owned up to it, he then blamed it on me sayin I was snooping. What the F dip shit, it was on your friends public page! My philosophy isn't snooping if you have nothing to hide. Also...just a tip, I guarantee you that gangstas see your activity on Facebook before you have time to delete the "update" message off your wall. If you're doin nothin wrong, then why hide it?

Lesson Of The Day: Delete Facebook, its way more trouble then its worth! Maybe I'll be deletin mine today.


  1. I had FB back in January and February and quit. I hate it. I don't need to know about everyone's lives. And they don't need to know all about mine. And their friends don't need to know, either. Hey Harlem, join my "Facebook's the Devil" group, let's get 1,000,000 members! LOL!

  2. I just deactivated my Facebook account because, you know, you can NEVER delete it. They keep everything just as you left it just in case, you know, you come to your senses, change your mind, and decide you cannot live without Facebook. It blows. People make fun of Twitter for senseless and stupid updates but Facebook blows them away. I actually follow some interesting people on Twitter.

  3. I'm getting sick of reading when everyone has a coffee, takes a pee or feels grumpy. Seriously, please stop. I just want to see my family's pix. That's it.

  4. I actually enjoy FB, but I'm married and my husband has an account, but doesn't use it much. He is an "online gaming freak" so he doesn't waste his time on shit like "socializing". LOL