Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hatin on Motherly Emails

Holla to all you haters out there, it's your girl Harlem. I know you bout had a damn heart attack because today is my second day in a row bloggin, that hasn't happened for weeks! Ok, so here's the dealio....my non boy toy, boy toy is/was in town for a Thanksgiving rendezvous and my ma knew this and decided to send me a lil "reminder" email (see below).

SUBJECT: Happy Turkey Day
"Nothing is 100% safe from STDs and pregnancy. Love You, Mom"

Of course this pisses your girl Harl off for many reasons, see my response email below.

SUBJECT: RE: Happy Turkey Day

"Happy Thanksgivin Ma
1. FYI, Abstinence is 100% safe from STDs and Pregnancy.
2. I am 25 and have been through so many required sex education classes throughout my whole life that I am pretty much an expert on sexual precautions.
3. I don't know why you are discriminatin against me for not being married. That being said, I have CC'ed Malika
(my married sis) on this email so she can be informed of this information as well.

Love You,

P.S. I'm Pregnant, congrats grandma!"

Lesson Of The Day: Of course it is not fun to wear a raincoat when it's sunny outside, but it's a valid precaution to take in case of a sudden downpour. Oh and your girl does NOT have a bun in this oven!

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