Friday, December 4, 2009

Hatin on Public Urination Stations

Hey ya'll. Today I am toastin a big glass of haterade to public restrooms. I was in one today and it lit a damn fire up in me, for real!

What is up with chicks peein on the damn seats? What’s the deal, are you standin to pee...maybe your Christmas wish for a penis came true. You must be goin to a damn fire if you're in that big of a hurry that you can't wait to finish before you get up and fling your damn diseased piss everywhere. Do I look like your mother? Do you think I want to clean up after your bodily fluids? Men aren't even that dirty, at least they can aim straight.

So not only did the urination stations have pee pee on them, but they weren't flushed either. WTF ya'll! Everybody drops mega loads, we get that, but nobody wants to see it!

Upon finishin my business, I then go to wash my hands. There are two sinks up in this place and one is being used properly, by someone washin their hands. The other one is taken up by this bitch to put on her damn makeup. Does it look like your damn vanity area? Bitch that make up isn't goin to make your ugly ass face look any better, so be kind and move over so my fat arse can wash my damn disease infested hands.

Lesson Of The Day: Use the men’s restroom its cleaner.


  1. We went to the mall today and before we left I HAD to go pee. I went to the very first stall. BLOOD on the damn seat. Second stall - nasty mess in the bowl left unflushed. Third stall - pissed on. Finally the fourth one was clean. WTF?

  2. Yes! Hate them! Women are not very clean in public bathrooms. And STOP combing your damn hair!!!! Makes me crazy!

  3. ACK! I'm always amazed at what pigs women are in public restrooms! I mean REALLY! Is it that difficult to flush, or maybe aim for the toilet itself. You really have to try to get the pee on the seat!

  4. I don't sit on the public toilet seats. I hover! You have no idea whats on those evil rings...

  5. If you shared a bathroom with my little brother, like I did, for ten years, you would of thought this experience was a walk in the park. My brother thought it would be funny one day to smear shit all over the bathroom and make words. Just sayin'...think I have you beat :)

    Great Site Harlem....still think you should twitter.