Monday, December 7, 2009

Hatin on Twitter

I am embarrassed to say this ya'll, but your girl has joined Twitter ( What the hell is this world comin to that Harlem, of all people, has become a follower in society's "norm". I hate Twitter, but now that I have joined I suppose I am a hypocrite, but that's ok because I invented the double standard. I mean honestly, no one cares what you are doing 24 hours a day. I highly doubt anyone will even read my damn "twits" (I know its tweets, but I have to make it original). The only people who deserve to use Twitter are celebs...but then I suppose I could sell my autograph for 50 buckaroons which would put me at A-List status, right??
Also, I think Twitter is just another way for people to stalk you. Not only can they stalk you through Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and even by googlin you, but now if you have Twitter they can know where you are every second of every day. If you see your girl Harlem stiff on the front page of the damn paper one day, tell my fam to sue Twitter! The t-shirt below will help you better understand my feelings on this subject. Actually every t-shirt on this site is perfect for your girl Harlem

Lesson Of The Day: If you care, check out my new Twitter account (link above in first sentence, DUH!)

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