Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hatin on Xmas

Normally your girl is all into the merryness of Christmas, but not this year...Bah Humbug! I don't want to be visited by any Christmas spirits or anything, but damn I am so not feelin it. See why below...

1. I have no damn money to buy gifts, which seems expected this time of year.

2. Why exchange gifts with friends? It's like buyin yourself somethin, but it's not what you really wanted.

3. What in the hell do you get a boss who has everything when you have nothing?

4. You want me to spend how long with family?

5. I thought I mentioned I needed to diet....that's nearly impossible during this wretched holiday! Children at the mall already mistake me for Santa Claus...WTF ya'll I have boobs!

6. Give to the poor....I AM the poor!

7. The hanging of Christmas lights....ugh, too much energy required to take them out of the damn closet and hang them just for a week.

8. Christmas songs...Sadly enough I have learned to tune these out, just doesn't feel like Christmas this year.

9. All retail stores are packed this time of year and I hate people!

I wish cupid would come down and shoot me with a damn Christmas arrow so I could feel the love this year.

Lesson Of The Day: Tell strangers Merry Christmas...fug em if they get offended that "Christ" is in the damn word. Oh and Happy Holidays to all and to all a good night...LOL!


  1. I would enjoy the holidays so much more if everybody else dropped off the face of the earth! lol

  2. Christmas Spirit vanished this year.

  3. Gillian, girl every time I go to your blogs it freezes my internet explorer....so unfortunately I haven't been able to be faithful at commenting on your posts!

    -thanks for being a loyal Harlem Gangstette.