Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hatin on American Idol

UGHHHHH, your girl has done it again....that's right; I've been watchin American Idol. Every year I swear I'm not gonna do it, especially since they added a 4th judge. Well this year I've fallen off the wagon. They are back to 4 judges, minus Paula Abdul. I don't mind Paula is gone because I've never liked her. She's way too nice and I got sick of hearin her tell everyone they looked good, instead of commentin on their damn singin. As the seasons went on you couldn't even understand her because she's so drugged up. Paula, please save the world and check yourself into a damn looney bin...please! The new 4th judge they added was Kara Dio-retarded. She acts like a major know-it-all, but it seems like she is doing it just for more air time. Bitch, nobody knows who you are, get over yourself! One guy this season even called you Paula 5 times, get the hint!

Two episodes have aired so far with guest judges Victoria Beckham (my favorite Spice Girl growin up) and Mary J. Blige. I don't get what the Producers were thinkin with these two. In both of their episodes they barely said a damn word. I think they were used to get viewers and to look pretty because you know they don't have a damn cell in that brain. Could someone please feed Vikki B. a cookie? I thought she was gonna faint from malnutrition. That bitch is a walkin skeletor. Not to get off topic, but there's a girl that works at Mc D's that is a skeletor and I am always shovin fries down her damn face, not a good role model. Also, Mary J.B....with all that money you got girl wouldn't you think to go to a damn laser surgeon and remove that huge, ugly arse star tat off your damn shoulder? How can you judge some of these freaks on their appearance when you got the North Star coverin the top half of your damn bicep?

Supposedly Ellen DeGeneres is supposed to be the 4th judge later on this season. I think she is funny as hell, but I don't think she can or will appropriately criticize people on their singin. Next season there are rumors that Simon Cowell will not be judging American Idol. If that is the case I definitely won't be watchin. He is the only reason I tune in. He is like the male version of your girl Harl. He's such an arse, but there are so many people that need that harsh criticizm to get the point.

Lesson Of The Day: The only good thing to come from American Idol is Daughtry.

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  1. If Simon goes, I think Idol will flop. He's the best part of the show.