Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hatin on Bad Habits

Everybody has bad habits whether it's smokin, drinkin, drugs, sex, etc. Maybe your girl should feel lucky that mine are only food and bitin my damn nails. Now that I have the food thing in check, I have noticed that I have been gnawin away at my damn claws. WHAT THE HELL YA'LL?!?! I am so self conscious of them anyways because they are friggen nubs, but now it's even worse...I have bitten them so low that they hurt and bleed! The only way to temporarily fix it is to fake it and get my nails done, but I've been tryin to save some money. This habit has gotten so bad that I even had a nightmare about it. Here goes....

The man of my dreams popped the damn question to me and he went to slide the huge 50 carat ring onto my damn finger. Upon pullin my hand outta my pocket I noticed that I hadn't been to see Tin Min at Perfect Nails yet, so instead of a nice fake set of nails I had 1/2 inch nubs! I ripped my hand away and broke my lovers heart by yellin, "Didn't I tell you not to pop the damn question till I had my nails done!"

I jumped awake pouring sweat. PHEW, it was only a dream. Seriously though, what man proposes to a lady when she repeatedly asks to wait till she's seen Tin Min! Thank goodness he's not a real man, or is, but isn't. I wish they provided some sort of aid to help the biters stop bitin. That nail polish that is supposed to taste bad just tastes like bananas. That doesn't stop real biters! On a side note...I think your girl is actually goin to break down and get a Mac for real. I have the money, am just waitin to storm the store and buy it out....this could possibly happen today, hooty damn hoo!!!!

Lesson Of The Day: Take up least you get 15 minute free breaks at work, and if you want to quit they provide patches and gum to help stop!


  1. Quitting nail biting is hard since it's usually a habit that you've had since birth. Try chewing gum to let off the nervous tension.

  2. I finally stopped biting my nails last year. It only took 36 damn years, but I quit cold turkey! It's a hard habit to break, but it can be done. Good luck!