Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hatin on Formal Wear

Does any of my gangstas watch the Bachelor? I know this is probably the last thing you expect me to comment on considering everything that happened in last nights episode (1/11), but do ya'll remember Jake and Ali's one on one date? What the hell was up with her gettin those damn diamonds and then wearin a damn formal dress? Poor girl was stuck ridin a motorcycle dressed for prom. His lazy ass wore damn jeans and a polo. Your girl Harl kept thinkin Jakey Poo was gonna change into a suit, but NO he never did, not even for the fancy candlelit dinner. Then they decided to take a jog on a grassy field to get to a private concert. You think I would be runnin down a damn field in my princess gear? Hell to the no, I would've stripped naked before I rained sweat on my gown. At least someone told the poor girl to take a hair clip, which she utilized off and on throughout the date.

Lesson Of The Day: Fellas, please properly prepare your dates for the evenings festivities.

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