Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hatin on New Years

Hey ya'll, today I am totes hatin on new years. Not New Years day necessarily, just new years in general. What good are they?? All it means is your gettin older. I make my damn resolutions and barely stick to them, but this year your girl is turnin over a new leaf! I actually have been workin out and eatin healthy! Bring on bikini season, cause I'm gettin ready. I will be walkin into the damn grocery store in a string, thong bikini. I'm gonna sleep in my kini, shop in my kini, go to the zoo in my kini, work at Mc D's in my kini (that will bring customers), and play millions of boy toys in my kini. This year I am cleanin out this damn closet health-wise, finance-wise, boy-wise...Let's super size this resolution. Gettin rid of all the bad and replacin it with good. Don't you fret my lil pets, your girl will still have plenty to hate on with all the tards and mo's that inhabit our damn planet (can you live on the moon yet, I might be makin a location change if so).

Lesson Of The Day: Some things fuel you more then inhibit....just find that thing and you'll be set for life! You will be seein a new Harlem come April 1, 2010!

1 comment:

  1. Yeah~! Let's all clean our closets. I have not worn a bikini since my children left stretch marks that look like a bear had his way with me. Well, that and dimply butt cheeks. A bikini at McD's would be interesting.

    See you April 1st~!