Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hatin on Rain

OMG ya'll does it ever stop rainin in this damn hell hole??? I swear, rain is only sexy in the movie The Notebook (see image)!

It's been downpourin for nearly a damn week. My hair is all kinked out in curls, and my clothes are completely see through (I know some of you are thankin God for that). It sucks when I'm at work because all I want to do is be home with Doogie readin raunchy romance novels or playin my damn Wii. Side note, I got Super Paper Mario for Wii last night....amazeballs is all that needs to be said! Also, when I reach out of the drive-thru window my clothes get drenched again which forces me to strip butt naked in front of all of our loyal customers. I should be chargin for that kind of exposure!

Durin the weekend the rain sucks because I can't go runnin at the damn park. When I tried, my workout clothes got so muddy I just threw them away. Last weekend I went out on the town when it was stormin and got drenched like a damn dog. The only good thing about bein wet is I had a lot of guys offer to give me their jackets and warm me up...what gentlemen, or Creepensteins, you decide. The only thing left to do if you are even willin to brave the weather is go to the movies. It's a good thing there are a lot out I want to see. If you're lookin for your girl Harl this weekend and it's rainin, check out the local theatre...that's where Doogie and I will be.

Lesson Of The Day: Roll up your pant legs when walkin in the rain, it's no fun sportin soaked jeans all day!


  1. I hate rain, too. Actually, I hate getting rained ON. Totally pisses me off.

  2. I hate rain, but I hate it most when I am in the city. The puddles are gross and dirty and they always have weird stuff floating in them. Makes me feel all vomity.