Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hatin on Stank

Damn ya'll your girl got home at 2am this morning from the aeropuerto (That's airport in Spanish). Let me just tell you there was a major stank goin on in my damn crib. The toxic fumes jolted inside my nostrils, suffocatin the life outta your girl. So where did this stank come from???? Not from the damn basura (trash in spanish), I am smart enough to know to always empty the trash before vacay. Not comin from Doogie cause he was chillen with me for two weeks. Not comin from Ex-non-boy-toy, cause he's on another planet. The only thing left to do was search the entire casa (home in spanish). What was I lookin for you might ask....a damn rat! I searched high and low; every nook and granny (yes GRANNY) was searched! I even pulled back my sheets to make sure nothin crawled all up in my damn bed, I can't have anything interfere when the magic happens.

Still....NOTHIN....there is no source for this odor. I guess it gets that stank from the air not circulatin for two weeks. I plugged in some Glade in every outlet possible. Hopefully Doogie Howler and all of my prized possessions are not fried from an outlet fire when I get home.

Lesson Of The Day: It may be worth it to invest in a house sitter.


  1. The last time my house stank so bad, I found a sad, forlorn potato hiding out in a corner. It was so foul and at first I could not believe it, but there it was in is gaggy putriness. Muy bien on the Espanol.