Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hatin on Starin

Damn this must be a world record cause I am postin twice today! Dude this guy was just walkin towards your girl, and yes...I am the only one around. He was starin at me, in my damn eyeballs the whole time. It was awkward, so your girl smiled at him. What'd that prick do? He turned the mother f'in corner and still stared, but never cracked a smile. He must be tryin to prevent wrinkles, or maybe his teeth are yellow and crooked. I mean I know I am drop dead gorgi, and guys have been known to stutter around me, and maybe he wasn't focused on my eyes, but my ginormous twins...but damn bitch, I did just smile at you!

Lesson 2 Of The Day: It's called a camera....take a picture bitch it lasts longer!

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