Monday, January 18, 2010

Hatin on Treading

Hey ya'll, it's your girl Harlem bloggin straight from her mansion in the hills. I had today off from work for my home boy MLK. As nice as it is to have a day off from the grease pits, I am stuck inside due to the damn rain. That means I've been hitten the damn treadmill hard instead of the park. By now ya'll know I have been eatin healthy and workin out like a well oiled machine. I tread and Wii Fit it Mon-Fri and Park and Tennis it, Saturday and Sunday. Needless to say I have my days of complete boredom with Frank (my treadmill). I have decided that I need a new activity for those days...SEX! That's right my friends...according to Nutrisystem's calculations, if you have 1 hour of vigorous sexual activity it burns 116 calories (yes, lower then runnin on Frank). Now I don't know about you all, but that sounds like a hell of a lot more fun then the damn Treadmill. Plus, I am sure when they were calculatin the calorie burnage, they weren't thinkin of your girl lets get freaky with it and burn those calories ya'll, any takers?

Lesson Of The Day: Wear protection when workin out, we don't need anymore lil bastards runnin around.

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