Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hatin on UV Water

Have ya'll gangstas ever heard of a thing called UV Water?? Well at work they let us have an unlimited supply of this shiz called UV Water. It's a machine that runs water through a UV filtration which is supposed to zap out all the dirties. I swear this shiz is fryin my insides. How can water that has been zapped with damn UV rays be good for you? Peeps knock your girl Harlem for vacationin in a damn tannin bed...always sayin I'm gonna get skin cancer. Isn't that what UV Water is going to do? I'm gonna get skin cancer regardless if it's from a bed or water, the only difference is I'll either be tan or white. Sorry ya'll I choose to be a bronzed beauty. I may not be hydrated, but at least I'll be tan and beautiful in my coffin!

Lesson Of The Day: Step away from the water hole.

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