Friday, February 19, 2010

Hatin on Disobedience

Hey ya'll, your girl is freakin exhausted. This is probably due to my disobedient stripper, Candy. She gets so excited to see me in the morning and at night that she goes ape shit. That lil dog jumps on every couch 10 times AND on the damn coffee table. Thank GAWD I haven't gotten new tables yet cause the lil shit would've scratched the hell outta them. I was changin my damn clothes yesterday and I heard her jump on the coffee table, so I run outta my damn bedroom with my pants in hand. I chased her around the table tryin to spank her. I may not have made contact, but I definitely scared the shiz outta her. She ran under my bed and looked at me so pitifully. Your girl Harl is totally gonna get her into Obedience School ASAP! This is my 3rd week with the hellraiser and I love her, but she needs to slow her damn roll.

*Note: If you wonder why I call my newly adopted dog Candy a stripper it's because the name Candy is #2 on the list of top 10 stripper names.

Lesson Of The Day: Dogs really are like children...luckily for society I believe in spankins!

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