Monday, February 8, 2010

Hatin on Dog Clothes

I don't know if ya'll picked up on this or not, but Candy the once impregnated stripper is this dog I've been fostering. She is sooo cute and really low maintenance like Doogie Howler. Anyways, I am going to adopt her. I admit, I am one of those Lamesters that buys dog clothes for their lil ones. I'm sorry, but when it is rainin they shiver and shake, so of course they need a damn raincoat people! Of course they need damn sweaters for the winter cause they get colder then us damn humans. The problem is they have soooo many cuter clothes for girl dogs then boys. Needless to say I've been goin crazy on pink clothes for my lil stripper and I don't even like the damn color pink....just seems to suit a lil girl doogie. They are so damn expensive. I wish I was womanly and could sew cause I would make a damn killen and I wouldn't even have to rob a damn bank! Good thing I am sellin shiz on ebay....what is my loss in a boy toy, is someone elses gain in jewelry and my gain in money!

Lesson Of The Day: Who needs kids when you have quiet, potty trained dogs that you can dress up and when they're bad you can put them in a cage!


  1. You mean, kids aren't supposed to go in a cage?

  2. I'm sorry but I am laughing so hard at the little doggies all dressed up. I say the same thing about my grandson by the many more clothes for the little girls (or strippers as the case may be). My daughter has a Papillion and Chihuahua mix...big ol' bat ears that are fuzzy like and looks like Yoda and she puts little sweaters on him when he lets her. I throw the little guy in the garage and the backyard with the fat wiener dog, no cage for him~!