Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hatin on Overtime

Hey ya'll, phew thank Gawd for Monday off! I worked so much damn overtime on Friday that I shouldn't have to work this week...that is assuming I lived in a perfect world, but I don't so it's back to the grease pits.

I hate workin overtime, especially because it usually comes out of the blue. Friday I started off workin a normal shift...flirtin at the window, then bustin arse at the pit. Then outta nowhere my damn manager tells me I gotta stay late cause he has to go talk to someone in corporate. What the damn fig newton?!?! Are you kiddin me. He informs me that he doesn't know when he'll be back for his late shift (since we're open 24 hours). Guess how long your girl had to stand around....till 1am fools! That is 1am on a Friday night. The only other person there with me was Pervie Patrick! This dude is like 70 years old AND he got sued by a prostitute...no joke! That's who they left me there with all alone. I kept havin visions of him walkin around the damn corner, yellin surprise, and then seein him butt naked with his wrinkly Willis flappin in the wind. Thankfully I survived, but the thought still gives me nightmares.

Lesson Of The Day: When approached to work overtime, tell your boss you came down with a case of Leprosy.

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