Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hatin on Skeezers

Your girl is totes hatin on Skeezy guys today. If you've read my blog you may recall that a few months ago a guy in my apartment building approached me in the elevator and told me how pretty I was. Anyways, he lives on the same floor as I do so he's helped me move my entertainment center in and out of my apartment, and things of that nature. A couple of weeks ago he even commented on my damn beauty again! Now I know I am the bomb diggity, but damn this guy has the fever! He has a girlfriend that lives with him, and every time we are all in the elevator together it is sooo awkward. No one talks to each other. He will say hi to me and then she will try to talk to him and he ignores her. Acts like he doesn't even know this damn chick! He may be a skeezer and not have a chance in hell with your girl right now , but he is some definite eye candy that I can appreciate!

Damn my apartment buildin is loaded with hunks. It's like every time I get in the damn elevator there is a new one smilin at me and shiz. I am gonna start widdlin notches on my damn bed post for all the guys I've been hookin in that damn lucky arse elevator.

Lesson Of The Day: Who needs when you have an apartment building infested with horny men?!?

1 comment:

  1. Imagine what the bedposts must look like that belong to these "horny hunks?" ;)