Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hatin on Strip Clubs

Hey ya'll, damn I've been so bad at bloggin. Today I'm keepin it short with a lil strip club bashin. Why are soooo many strip clubs called "Gentlemen's Club"? What TRUE gentleman goes to a damn strip club? It's half naked to butt naked girls dancin around for pervs to oogle at. Then you can throw money at them. If you're lucky you can go into a damn VIP room and get your goodies on with these damn hoes. What the frig about any of that is gentlemanly?

I need the money, if I dance around will you paypal me some Benjamins?

Lesson Of The Day: Do NOT call yourself a gentleman if you go to titty bars, if you're cool bein a Desperate Douche then have at it!