Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hatin on American Idol 4/13/2011

The female Simon strikes again, see my comments on the contestants performances from last night (4/13).

Casey Abrams - I hate to say it son, but last night sucked. You should've listened to Jimmy Lovine my friend. The original song you chose sounded amazing during your time with Jimmy, what the F were you thinkin changin it. I love that song you sang last night, but you ruined it for me. The judges must be deaf to give you a damn standing ovation. I did notice your beard was shorter, thanks for takin my advice. Now shave the damn thing all the way off, before I start callin you Peach Fuzz.

Haley Reinhart - That's the best you've sounded, thank god you didn't do all that damn growling. That last note at the end pierced my ears though. Please stop screamin during fast songs, you are bustin all the windows in my damn house!

Jacob Lusk - I have nothing else to say to you, except that I hope you get voted off next!

James Durbin - First of all my friend, who the hell do you think you are? I see why you didn't want to listen to Jimmy, but what's with the attitude. You are a nobody...actually you are asshole! I wouldn't be surprised if you are in the bottom three because of your superior attitude. Who the hell are you to tell Jimmy Lovine that he couldn't recognize a hit when it's just on a piano. I'm surprised he didn't F you up right then. You are going to burn major bridges with that tude. The judges should be ashamed for not tellin you to keep that in check. I hope your ass gets voted off because America does not need another Diva celebrity.

Lauren Alaina - Love you girl, but I know you got more power then that. Obviously you are better then Miley Cyrus, because she not only sucks on salvia pipes, but at singing as well. Step it up a notch sweetheart and give the other contestants a run for their money.

Paul McDonald - *sigh* Poor Old McDonald, you are gettin boring my friend. I used to root for you, but now you just remind me of something my parents would listen to....not my cup of tea at all. You remind me of a cruise ship singer.

Scotty McCreery - You managed to make the movie Pure Country and George Strait not sexy anymore. Now every time I hear that amazing song I will have nightmares of you ugly ass facial expressions attacking me. NASTY!

Stefano Langone - Way better this week brother. You sang for your life. Unfortunately I don't like the kind of music you sing, the R&Bish sounding music. BUT, for what it was, wayyy better. I still think this might be your week to go though, even though Jacob or James should leave first!

Lesson of the Day: No One deserves to win Idol, at least not yet...please prove me wrong.

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