Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hatin On American Idol - Six Contestants Left

I know ya'll missed me last week, but the female Simon is back better then ever!

Jacob Lusk: Where to begin...As usual your screamin, facial expressions, and bow tie remind me of a corny drama queen. For your safety and mine, please stop dancin, you're gonna kill somebody! Steven told you to strut...well you did, like a hen struts for a rooster.

Lauren Alaina: Girl, please find a new idol that actually knows how to sing and doesn't toke the bong. Miley Cyrus is not someone I would ever admit likin. Why did you bring that poor boy on stage to just leave him for five minutes to walk around. Bad Call. Baby girl, you need to hold your high note louder and longer. You sounded way better in your duet with Scotty than solo.

Scotty McCreery: This is the first time I've actually thought you were decent. You toned down your facial expressions, hell you even tried to sing directly into the mic instead of outta the corner of your damn mouth. I hate the twang in your voice, but you were wayyy less annoying.

James Durbin: The beginning was great until you started sneakin those damn screams in. Dude not every song needs to have spasms of screaming...face it, you will never be Adam Lambert, so stop while you're ahead! You are so obnoxious, can you not pick up on Ryan tellin you to unplug your damn guitar? But noooo, you purposefully plug the damn wire back in. Your attitude will bury you.

Casey Abrams: Amazin, but when you really sing it sounds a lot better than the yellin/growlin. FYI, see how datin Haley has made a name for yourself???? Just imagine what it would do for your career if you got her preggers! I saw you makin google eyes at her son...remember to put a raincoat on junior.

Haley Reinhart: I hate that song!

Lesson Of The Day: This is not the J-Lo Show...girl let Randy talk, damn you bossy!

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