Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hatin On Dancing With The Stars Week 5...

What the H is up with "America" week on Dancing With The Not-So-Famous Stars? The dance styles did not go well with the songs, and the band singing them sounded horribly pitchy! The lady singing America The Beautiful during Chris Jericho and Cheryl Burkes dance completely butchered that song. All of the runs she was putting throughout the song and making her voice shake just killed it and not in a good way. Kirstie Alley and Max, I hate to say it...you guys blew it. I love you two and am your biggest supporter, but this week was a disappointment. Baby girl, your facial expressions were excruciating to watch. The skit with John Travolta was awesome though, he was so hilarious! Homeboy must have gone some hair crops cause he was lookin harier then usual.

Lesson Of The Day: If you missed DWTS Monday feel lucky, you saved your ear drums!

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