Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hatin on Dancing With The Stars

Against my better judgement I tuned into Dancing With The Stars last night. I mean for realz ya'll, what the hell was I thinkin! First of all, the only one worth tunin in for is Kirstie Alley. That big boned beautiful woman is my idol, she looks like your girl Harl. Plus with the bad luck she's had the last two weeks she always maintains a happy attitude!

What did that chick Kendra not bitch about last night? First it was the music, she hates classical music...but I guess you shouldn't expect much more from a failed Playboy model. That girl sucked so hard you would've thought she was back at the Playboy Mansion. When the judges were critiquing her she kept getting all huffy and was in that diva defensive stance. When Bruno was tellin her how bad she was and pushin her to do better she made a comment about only havin 4 days to work on the routine. Bitch please...EVERYONE only had 4 days which is a total of 96 hours, sounds like a lot to me! How bout you shut the hell up and work harder! Len (the old man) kept giving her credit for being a beginner to which Kendra replied "THANK YOU, I appreciate that". I mean even her tone of voice was bitchy, in other words hinting at Bruno that he was wrong. Too bad we can't get a plastic surgeon to come in and perk up her attitude the way they did her massive boobs. Girlfriend looks like she's bout to fall over from bein so damn top heavy!

Lesson Of The Day: Attitude ain't gonna get you points bitch. Go back to Hef....wait a minute, he doesn't even want your stank ass...poor Hank! Go Kirstie and Max!

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