Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hatin On Glee...

Hey Bitches, bet ya'll thought I fell off the face of the damn planet again eh??? Well wipe those tears cause I'm not goin anywhere! Actually, Mama Hater is here and we've been busy partyin on the boulevard.

Anyways, I have decided to give up on Glee. What the hell are these people thinkin with the direction of this show??? This show used to be original and hilar, but now they've decided to take it in another direction....It shouldn't be called Glee because it's now the Kurt Show. Season one was brilliant with the Kurt storyline. They introduced him as a gay man and showed the difficulties he faced in high school. They incorporated that in with the other characters so you got to know everyone and their was a whole array of stories going on in each episode. Lets be honest, everyone has difficulties in high school, thank god for the Lauren Zises and Ms. Pillsbury storyline!

It's now All Kurt All the time. He sings numerous long boring ass songs, and is in the fore front of every episode. Last nights ballad he sang made me want to painfully rip my damn ear drums out of my head...I had to fast forward. THEN he showed up at the mall with some corny ass dance moves and that made me want to scoop my eye balls out of my damn head! Come on Ryan Murphy, what about Sam who has a wayy better voice, and Mercedes??? Stop shovin Kurt in everyone's faces! Dude, nothin against Chris Colfer, but I am sooo over him! He is not nearly as good as the other actors at singing, or acting. I'm havin Kurt overload! I will not be watching Glee any longer, it is goin in the wrong direction. Hey, I have an idea...get rid of Kurt and bring Blaine and Santana to the front of that storyline, now that is a good idea!

Lesson Of The Day: Kings Of Leon may have had some reason to their madness when dissin Glee! Don't fall to temptation guys, stay away from this trainwreck!

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