Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Dang son the bitch is back! Boy do I have tons of hate to unleash. Lets start with Britney Spears. Your girl is not an avid fan of hers, but what the hell is the deal with everyone hatin on her dancin? She's released two music videos and done some live performances recently and everyone is talkin bout how her dancin sucks. Lets be honest...she is not nearly as good as she used to be, but the girl has popped out two babes and has turned the big 3-0. She still rocks it way harder then that joke of a performer Lady CaCa. I mean that bitch only became famous because she's so fuggin outrageous. I will admit, when the Lady Man started she did entertaining videos, but now she is just plain freaky. How is she considered a fashion icon when all she wears is a bra and panties? How could anyone think that she is fashionable when she slaughters cows just to wear them to awards shows? What about the time she wore red panty hose over her entire body and face? I don't even need to bring attention to that freakin egg she arrived in, lets be honest...she only showed up to the red carpet in that so she didn't have to talk to the media. You peeps are blind and stupid if you like that joke. Plus, her dancing is that of a beginner. Christina Aguilera could never dance either. Those two bitches had back up dancers that made them look bad! If I sucked that hardcore I would hire shitty dancers to make me look like I was as good as Britney is on a stiff day.

Lesson Of The Day: Stop saying Britney's dancing sucks when she is still wayyyy better then Lady CaCa and Christina Barfulara.

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