Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hatin On Birthdays...

Damn ya'll, your girl is bout to turn another year older. I swear I saw a gray hair on my damn head this mornin. Anyways, I've been schedulin a birthday festival for myself, and this shiz is hard. Not only do I have to get all my girlz together on the same weekend, but my arse has gots to plan this whole damn thing. Every year I like to do somethin unique so we can all get out and let loose, shake a lil booty and get a lil tail. So this year I decided...


I almost decided to do nothin this year, but fell to the liquor temptations and dreams of men. I finally scheduled the weekend, which unfortunately leaves one of my besties shall be missed Kitty Vu. NOW I am limited in choosin a damn hotel. It can't be too expensive, it can't be too cheap cause then we'll get infested with bed bugs, and it has to be near the Gas Light District so we can club till our hearts desire. The most important thing is a pet friendly hotel so I can bring along Doogie Howler and my newest addition, Liberty Bell. So has your girl gotten a hotel....nope, can't check that off the list.

There is also the side "projects" that I need to schedule. Like what the hell are we gonna do durin the damn day? I mean your girl is a bikini beauty and all, but damn I can't just sit by a damn pool all day, I gots to show my face around town. Of course, the day activity has to be cheap. Guess that means no spa treatment where my naked body is lathered in mud by two men in thongs while bein fed wine and crackers by two more men wearin nothin but flip flops. Can't check any of that off of my list either.

All of this leaves me completely bummed bout my bday weekend and exhausted from thinkin bout my "not even close to completed" to-do list.

Lesson Of The Day: I hear San Diego is littered with Army/Navy Men, if I put them on my To-Do list maybe I will feel motivated to get things accomplished!

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