Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hatin On Blind Friends...

Sunday of this weekend sucked ya'll. First of all, I got a damn text earlier in the week from this boy I used to babysits mom. She wanted to get together to see Bridesmaids and get some Lunchie. I reluctantly accepted considerin I haven't seen them in ages, but would've really rather stayed at home. So Sunday arrives....

I get to their house and am told that Clark is meetin us there. A lil background on this hoe...When I was considerin quittin McD's to become a famous barista, the boy's momma emailed me with this Clark hoe CC'd. She was introducin us and sayin how Clark would be brilliant for my job replacement. First of all ya'll, this lady said nothin to me about this, just took it upon herself to hook me up with this hoe to get her a job...MY job. Anyways, so that's Clark and she's been pushin this whore down my throat ever since about how we're so alike and could be the best of friends.

So now we are in the damn car headin to the movies and I am told that another family and their two damn rugrats are joinin as well...they obviously don't realize I hate kids. At the movie theatre they stick me in a seat next to the other family's father and guess who....CLARK! After the movie the momma says "hey, you know how to get to lunch, so you ride with Clark and show her the way". Seriously ya'll, they are lucky I'm not rude cause I would've started walkin home. I rode with this chick makin small talk and she was all up in my biz and then tryin to pretend like she knew everything about the damn food industry. Dude you work at a gas station, you know nothin about the food industry hoe, so shut yo damn mouth! Lunch was awkward like the rest of the day, and I barely spoke the whole time, which was really to benefit them. That day reminded me of a blind date that your friends really push to set up...except...this was a blind friend set up...noooo thank you, I am fine with my 5 close friends.

Lesson Of The Day: It's better to have 5 best friends, than 100 acquaintances.

Side Note: The Bachelorette started last night, and as much as I can't stand Ashley...I am looking forward to all of the dramz, like the D. Bag that manipulates her but really was hopin she was Emily, HAHAHAHA! I have to finish watchin it on my DVR, and will possibly update ya'll later.

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