Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hatin On Dream Crushers...

Against my better judgement I went to Starbucks today ya'll, the place where dreams are made. Unfortunately it just made me re-realize how much of a Dream Crusher these bastards are. I mean for real ya'll, they turned me down for a job when they got a bunch of Mo's workin the coffee machines. The line was out the damn door and took me 20 mins just for them to take my damn order. I ordered a Veinte, decaf vanilla latte, with an extra shot, and three pumps of vanilla. Those bitches gave my nonfat milk....are they tryin to hint at something??? It was like drinkin watered down coffee. I also ordered a sausage sandwich...nowhere in that order did I say I wanted my sandwich cold. For real ya'll I swear they just ripped that shiz outta the damn freezer. Again, these arrogant arses thought they were too good to have my big, boned, beautiful body grace their presence every day??? I guarantee my mind is ten times smarter than theirs! And to think they weren't even gonna call me, I had to waltz in and ask about my damn application....the nerve!

Lesson Of The Day: If you wanna be a barista, stick to McD's...their coffee is ten times better!

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  1. Glad to see you started your blog back up again!