Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hatin On Funk...

OMG ya'll I bout barfed everywhere this evenin. I was out walkin Doogie Howler and Liberty Bell. We were headin inside when Liberty Bell snatched a piece if funk off the sidewalk. Normally she'll grab gum, but this was definitely not gum. It could've been a human finger for all I knew. I was just going to let her eat it until I noticed she was havin trouble chewin it. So what did your girl do....the unthinkable! I reached my fore finger and thumb into lil Liberty's mouth and snatch the Funk. It was dark red like an asian chili pepper and was squishy. When I threw it into the road I started to gag. Then I looked down at my fingers and they were covered in orange jelly-goo. Thank gawd I hadn't eaten dinner cause I was gaggin like crazy. My neighbors were standin on their balcony lookin down at me laughin...remind me to egg their house later. So this whole time I am choking and gasping for air Liberty Bell is just standin there lookin up at me, waggin her damn tail. She's lucky I love her cause I was bout to take her arse back to the damn pound.

Lesson Of The Day: If your dog grabs something outside, just let em eat it...for hygiene sake, it's much cleaner that way.

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