Friday, May 13, 2011

Hatin On Loud Brats...

And people wonder why Ima child hata....I went to a new church on Sunday. This place was so huge and confusin, so your girl just hopped into the first door I came across. Apparently it must've been the kiddie section cause I was surrounded. Since I arrived late I decided to suck it up and just sit there anyways. Plus, the rugrats around me were being quiet with the exception of an occasional wimper. About half way through the sermon I thought a hurricane was comin. It sounded like thunder and then the side door flung open. In runs these four lil terrors. They must've though they were on a damn playground because they were playin tag in the church! A hot minute later rushes in two frazzled parents holdin two more babes. I mean seriously ya'll, this lady popped out six brats! The whole service the dad had to chase them all around and then he would take them outside to talk to Maybe that's the problem, had they been given proper whippens maybe they would've been behavin like the pleasant children around them. Throughout the service I found myself prayin to have patience cause I was bout to go ape shiz on these kids!

Haley Reinhart from American Idol must've been one of those lil brats when she was younger, cause homegirl has a major tude. This week on American Idol I wanted to slap her upside her damn head. She was such a bitch to Randy when he was giving her constructive criticism. Homegirl, if you can't take the heat then find a new career. You are a nobody and will have a very short career with that attitude. J-Lo and Steven Tyler will not always be there to defend you. You're lucky me and Simon weren't your judge cause we would've given you a verbal beat down that would've left you emotionally unstable. Lucky for you James Durbin went home, but you deserved to...Hollywood does not need any more divas.

Lesson Of The Day: Watch the attitude because you won't be so lucky next time.

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