Friday, May 20, 2011

Hatin on Newbs...

Hey ya'll, I know your girl has been M.I.A again. I don't know how ya'll do this bloggin thing every day. I mean for realz, I can barely find time to take a dump let alone sit here and type. Anyways, so this time the reason I've been missin is cause of a Newb. I mean for real ya'll, I been trainin this chick for a whole week at McD's. It's been hell...a constant shadow. The grease pit is small enough with my fat arse, but then you squish one more person in there like your at a damn concert and can't move, think, or breathe. I got so damn fed up I sent that beyotch outside to clean the damn sidewalk. Then I made her take out ALL of the trashes, hell I even made her dust the damn cash register one day when I was workin the drive-thru. Thank gawd today is her last day of trainin so I can be a lone spirit once again.

Lesson Of The Day: Ask for a different trainer if you're assigned one named Harlem.

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