Friday, May 6, 2011

Hatin on PepBoys...

After my dreams of becoming a Starbucks barista flew out the window, I decided to stay at the grease pits. This gave Momma Hater and I the perfect opportunity to stroll about town causin trouble. One annoying errand we did have to fix, was my damn car. I needed new tires, new brakes, and my damn air conditionin fixed. I went to Pep Boys and those bitches were so rude. They called me up tryin to nickle and dime me for everything. When I told the guy I wanted to pick up my car, he said, "we've already put the new tires on". I said, "you mean to tell me you don't know how to take em off?" That dude had given me so much damn tude that I was fed up. He had no idea who he was messin with. So he huffed and puffed on the phone like a lil gurl. Seriously, what ever happened to customer service ya'll? I picked up my car and headed to Just Tires where they gave me new tires for $30 cheaper then Pep Boys, not to mention the guy who helped me was hot as hell! His name was Antoine and man he was gorgeous, way to go Just Tires! Then I headed next door to get my brakes replaced which was $100 cheaper then Pep Boys, can you believe that?? After the brakes, momma and I took the car down the street to a small independent shop that fixed air conditioners. See my air worked, but only on high. So Pep Boys said it was in the electrical work in the controls and they were gonna charge me $300. Poppa Hater said, "Gurl that air problem is just the rheostat". Guess who was right...Poppa. The independent guy new instantly it was the rheostat. To check the car, plus part, plus labor it was a total of $135. Needless to say, your girl will not be going to Pep Boys ever again. They are damn thieves!

Side Note: I had decided not to comment on Idol considerin they all suck and there is no one I am rooting for anymore. I actually didn't even finish watching Wednesdays much for a season of the "best singers"ever in Idol history, yuck! The one thing I will say is Thank the Lord Jacob is off! Can I get an amen honey??

Lesson Of The Day: Give the small business owners yo damn business because they will beat the chain prices any day!

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