Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hatin On The Bachelorette...Ashley!

Dang ya'll...I was watching the Bachelorette last night and that chick Ashley gets on my damn nerves. First of all, has anyone noticed how she messes with her bangs ALL the time, must be an insecurity tick.

I didn't think the bitch could get any more annoyin until last nights episode. Homegirl sent a sweet arse guy home, what was his name...Ben C.? Anyways, she sent this dude home because Will told her Ben was talkin about dating sites. In the middle of the date she took William's word for it and just gave Ben the boot without hearing his side of the story first. Not tell me this Ashley, why on earth would you listen to a guy you just met who is trying to be the last one standing when you wouldn't listen to your friend Michelle about Bentley. You didn't take your girlfriends advice, but you tooks some jealous dudes...you are stupid!

At the group date you said you just wanted the guys to have fun and were hoping no one would get hurt....uh then why would you set up a date where they had to fight. They are dudes who obviously want to out shine one another, OBVIOUSLY someone will get hurt. How come every group date there is drama....oh yea, because you are an attention whore who is too insecure to just have fun. You have to always be in the corner crying or upset over Bentley in order to get attention.

The preview for next week looked pretty crazy, why the hell would you bring Bentley back. Of course you don't see his rude interviews but it's not like he treated you THAT great, and he is fugly. The other guys are wayyy hotter. How could you be in this deep with him after only a couple weeks. Listen to Chris Harrison as he tells you NUMEROUS times to get over it...I don't even think he likes your ass. I hope guys leave the show next week, cause you are not worth their time!

The only one I think you deserve is William or Bentley cause all the other guys are too good for your lame ass. You may not be able to compare to Emily as far as looks, but she would've been like watching paint dry. Now don't get cocky because you are boring as hell with all your drama and insecurities. Don't get me started on your HORRIBLE dance moves, come see Harlem so I can show you how it's done.

Lesson Of The Day: ABC should've chosen Chantal, she would've actually made me like the show....I hope they pick good guys for The Bachelor Pad!

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