Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hatin On Courthouses...

UGH ya'll...I had to go to the damn courthouse today to pay a damn ticket. First of all, I get there and there are ten huge arse buildins and I have no idea which one I go to. I even looked at their directory and it said nothin bout traffic tickets. So I decided to stand in the longest line which happened to be outside of the Municipal Courthouse. There were 50 people in line in front of me. After 45 minutes I finally arrive to security and when I walked through the cop asked me if I had a flashlight in my purse. Of course I did, but he had to be nosey and made me show him what it looked like. Thank gawd I was smart enough to take my Gat outta my purse cause they prolly woulda cuffed me for that...although if he looked anything like this picture I would've wanted to be handcuffed, frisked, and gagged.

After security I decided to look at another directory to find out where the traffic ticket people go...there was nothing on the directory ya'll. I was so lost so I decided to go up every floor until I found the correct one. Thankfully it was on the second floor. Again I have to wait in another line for an hour. I was so scared to. There were all these people surrounding me that looked really sketchy. There were these three guys and a girl behind me talkin about all of the fights they've been in. I swear I saw the one guy on an episode of Lock Up. I paid the ticket and ran outta the damn courthouse and never want to look back.

Lesson Of The Day: Goin to the courthouse is like bein in jail, you're stuck there for hours amongst criminals!

Side note: There is this lotion called "stress relief" from Bath & Body Works. I swear they put drugs in it ya'll cause every time I wear it I get happy and giggly. One of the ingredients is Eucalyptus Oil, but I think it's Marijuana Oil.

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