Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hatin On Teen Wolf...

WOW, your girl is happy today ya'll. My visitor count on this damn blog has doubled in the past four days and I haven't even blogged regularly! It must be because of my last blog on vajazzling, hahah you lil pervs...maybe I'll just turn this into a damn porn blog.

Now down to I am hatin on Teen Wolf. MTV created this remake, and it is horrible. I don't know why I even tuned in considerin that it would be obvious that MTV couldn't produce a good scripted, drama TV show. They need to stick with what they know...trashy reality shows. Teen Wolf did get me interested when I heard that Colton Haynes and Tyler Hoechlin were goin to be in it. But alas, my poor future boy toys can't even salvage this train wreck. Whoever had the idea of hirin the Maid In Manhattan kid (Tyler Posey) as lead should really be fired. He has got to be the worst actor...well maybe that chick Crystal Reed would beat him because she sucks balls, maybe she sucks his balls. I guess that's the reason I've never heard of her and barely have heard of him is because they are horrible. When he transforms his face is the shape of a damn Guinea Pig!

Lesson Of The Day: Hey Hollywood, how bout we stop with the damn remakes cause ya'll DO NOT do them justice. Please petition for the Annie remake to be canned, we do not need anymore remakes with the damn Smith brats...Karate Kid, major fail. Need I say more?

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